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From the uncontested master of controversial talk and heated debate. From politics and sex, to religion and the new morality, and all those other things your mother told you never, ever to discuss in public...



THE STEVE KANE RADIO SHOW airs in South Florida on WWNN 1470 AM, Monday through Friday mornings, between 6 and 9 AM. Producer, Brian Craig provides the "opening act" lead-in at 6, with Steve interjecting and soon taking full control of the mic at 7. Over-night replays are broadcast between midnight and 6 AM, bringing the listener full-circle to the next broadcast day.

Steve takes on compelling and often controversial guests, both live in the studio, as well as by telephone. Listeners are always invited to call in to join in the debate or discussion:



In the Continental US

1 - 877 - 275 - 2326

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Whether served fresh and hot in the morning hours, or by way of rebroadcasts in the over-nights, Kane brings a style of talk to South Florida that he, himself, originally brought to the area more than 20 years ago ... to be imitated, but not at all duplicated.

Steve first was introduced to his brand of talk while working as producer for the nationally syndicated Joe Pyne television show in the 60's.  To book guests for the Pyne show Steve spent time at Spahn Ranch, the home of the Manson Family.

After the death of Joe Pyne, Steve moved to New York City, and worked as producer for another national talk show, The Dick Cavett show.  After 3 years with the Cavett show Steve decided to move from behind the scenes to the air.  Shortly after leaving Cavett the Steve Kane radio show made its debut in Florida.

 Since 1983 Steve has been on the air in south Florida, except for a year he spent hosting morning drive on WABC in New York as the lead in to Rush Limbaugh.  Steve has appeared as a guest on national television on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldo Rivera, Paul Zahan, Crossfire and was featured on 60 Minutes who called him one of the three most controversal radio talk show hosts in America.  The other two were Howard Stern and Alan Berg.

Today, Steve can be heard weekday mornings on 1470 WWNN live from
6 till 9am with overnight rebroadcasts midnight till 6am on 1470 and 740 AM.